7th International Conference of

Egypt Chapter

of the American College of Surgeons

3rd – 5th October, 2018

Helnan Landmard New Cairo








Welcome Message


Sherif Omar

President of Egypt ACS

Alaa Ismail

President-Elect of Egypt ACS

Mohey Elbanna

Governer of Egypt ACS

Dear Colleagues, Egypt Chapter of ACS has established itself as a national surgical organization of special interest and influence in the field of surgical education. This year Egypt Chapter members would like to welcome you to its Seventh International Conference. In 2018 we continue to provide the most updated knowledge and guidelines in various subspecialties of General Surgery. Our conference is a special occasion for interaction between Senior and Junior surgeons. Experience and expertise on one hand and enthusiasm and new aspirations on the other hand come together in harmony for one objective; the best possible surgical practice. In this exceptional learning event, we will have plenary sessions and workshops in various fields. The practicing general surgeon will find what he needs to update her/his knowledge and discover what she/he needs to do to improve his skills. Junior surgeons will see the new horizons of future surgery. We are honored by the presence of Prof. Barbara Bass, President of the American College of Surgeons. The Egypt Chapter is the first Surgical Society in Egypt and the Arab World to establish the ”Egyptian Women Surgeons Forum” two years ago. That is one of the reasons the presidency of Prof. Bass of this conference means a lot to our chapter. She will chair a special event for Egyptian Women Surgeons. The conference welcomes the participating national experts as well as experts from all over the region. Their participation will enrich the conference and their efforts are deeply appreciated. Your attendance and participation are highly valued as well as your contribution and feedback.

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